• Back after BlizzCon and holy cow!
  • How we’re doing.

The Meat

  • JB was dying not being there with Brandon. 
  • Why Brandon couldn't buy Josh stuff

JB Notes on BlizzCon

  • Opening video totally choked me up! Why does Blizzard do this to us?? My emotions are running SO high.
  • 20m players in 4 months for Overwatch
  • SOMBRA announcement! We called it!!
  • Stealth character
  • Hacking enemy abilities
  • Hacking BlizzCon
  • AI Deep Mind vs. Starcraft 2 - BAAAAAAAAD
  • Overwatch League
  • Kaeo Milker is going to be the next Metzen.
  • Grimy Goons walrus - "Look! It's Roadhog"
  • Diablo 1 in Diablo 3? I think it's pretty lame. Especially with the making it look and function like the original.
    • New Class? Meh

Overwatch Panel Notes

  • Sombra not Alejandra is my guess
  • Legendary skin for Los Muertos looks awesome
  • Omnic Los Muertos
  • Recruited by Talon
  • Original concept art is really cool. Very Mayan/Incan/Mexican
  • Concept seems to show Sombra hacking Torbjorn's turret. The stealth+hacking turret reminds me a lot of the TF2 Spy.
  • Were working on Sombra and Ana at the same time
  • Thermoptic Camo to make her invisible but still stealthed.
  • Translocator like a teleporter. The design looks very similar to Winston, eh?
  • Cyberspace skin. WOW!!
  • The arcade mode is SO cool. Such an improvement over Brawls.
  • Oasis looks beautiful. In the Arabian desert
  • Founded by scientists who wanted to try to push the boundaries of human ingenuity
  • It's still in progress, won't be on the PTR for until December and released in early 2017
  • Trying out a jump pad in Oasis
  • Love the floating omnic waiters
  • 1v1 friendly is coming soon.
  • Overwatch Raid on reddit
  • Boop line added for Sombra, but to replace an existing voice line?
  • Pharah airborne almost 100% of the time