• Where's Brandon?
  • Merry Christmas!
  • Dave is officially our third host!
  • How’s Winter Wonderland treating everyone?
    • Mystery Heroes: Dave hates it!
    • Is Dave really saying he’s not tried every hero?

The Meat

  • Terry Crew at Blizzard with Overwatch team?
    • JB prediction: he'll be Doomfist
    • Dave prediction: a character like Roadblock from GI Joe
  • Dave points out that, for all their pop culture references, the Overwatch team never talks about GI Joe...
  • Latest Overwatch comic - do we really need to address sexuality in the Overwatch universe?

Dev Update

  • "A LOT of stuff coming".
  • Oasis map in early 2017
  • More seasonal events with Dave and JB's predictions
    • Dave stakes a claim on a May Pole holiday.
  • Customizations for your communication wheel!