Play of the Game

  • JB - giant Lúcio slam. Pharah team kill. 
  • Brandon - D.Va sacrifices herself to block Ana's sleep dart on an ulting McCree.

Atlas News

  • Ana available on the PTR.

  • Ana: videos and Comic

  • Competitive play hero limits

    • Thoughts, opinions, experiences

The Skirmish

  • Ana

    • Cosmetics

  • McCree, Zen, and D.Va buffs

    • JB Zenyatta discussion talking about looking up play tips and him being support support.

    • McCree, what is fall off damage and why  is it important.

    • D.Va shields as alternate fire, 3 sec nuke, no dmg to D.Va

  • Health pools and how they work

    • Each pip = 25hp

Lore Watch

  • Ana

    • Gun tease on Twitter

    • Theme - battle grandma, protector, nurturer

    • Eye of Ra- Pharah; Eye of Horus - Ana (right eye and left eye)

      • Mythology between Ra and Horus


Furious Paul -
7/19 Official Patch Notes -