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The Skirmish

  • Loot box RNG - how many have you opened?

    • Before the summer games JB spent almost $55 and, combined with leveling, opened 136 lootboxes. Not counting the CE legendaries, JB had 10

    • That’s approximately 14:1 ratio

  • Strategy for Ana because she's unlike other snipers in that she has no escape mechanis.

Hero Database

  • Sombra - still lurking about.

  • From Gamepedia's Overwatch Wiki: "Sombra is an unidentified individual operating out of Dorado whose skills include computer hacking and cryptography. She is a known associate of Reaper, specializing in espionage and intelligence assessment. It seems that she may have infiltrated LumériCo's security systems, and the company has gathered information on her as well as Soldier: 76."

  • Sombra ARG (Alternate Reality Game) clues

    • What is ARG

    • GameDetectives have done an incredible job of putting all of the discoveries together.

    • The people who find and decipher this stuff are amazing!! We’ll have to get one on the show.

    • Places where clues have been found: Ana origin video, dev update video, Summer games video, Dorado photo in the screenshots section of the playoverwatch site.

    • Clues range to everything from hexidecimal code to base64 which revealed an OpenSSL code. Phrases have all been in Spanish so far (makes sense since Sombra is “Shadow”). Translated phrases are:

      • She who has the information, has the power…

      • Was that easy? Well, now that I have your attention, allow me to make things much more difficult. This leads to the much more complicated OpenSSL deciphering.

      • "Why are you looking at the sky? The answer isn't over your heads, it's behind you. Sometimes, you need to analyze your previous achievements."

    • So we know Ana is not Sombra. I think it’s safe to infer that Sombra is a hacker/espionage expert given what we’re seeing.

    • What will her abilities be?

    • (Turns out Brandon was right about Sombra's discovery. From Gamepedia's Overwatch Wiki: "The name Sombra first appeared during Ellohime's pre-beta stream of Overwatch."

  • Trade Chat videos about Sombra: