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  • Lúcio pronunciation correction. He even says his name for us!

Atlas News

  • Olympics have come to Overwatch: Summer Games
  • New poses, highlight intros, skins, and brawl
  • Lúcioball is amazing
  • New lootboxes...but still with a chance to get old stuff?? Lame!!
  • Seasonal Events will be a thing according to Jeff Kaplan
  • Lots of other stuff from patch notes including changes to Ana and McCree, link to the patch notes below.

The Skirmish

  • How are the changes? Who did we play this week after the patch?
  • Feelings on Ana. Is there a skill cap?
  • Newb city right after the 7/19 patch. 
  • McCree felt really good after the 7/19, but with his limited damage fall-off, he kind of took Soldier 76 out of the meta.
  • What IS "meta"?
  • Hero combo of the week: Roadhog, Lucio, and a payload
  • Should you hold onto your ult or not?

Hero Database (Formerly Known as Lore Watch)

  • Found more information on the Eye of Ra and Eye of Horus connection between Pharah and Ana, but will save for the next episode.



Summer Games Announcement - https://youtu.be/qpcOD9tJM4k

Dev Update - Seasonal Eventshttps://youtu.be/XLQPx78ntYM

8/2 Patch Noteshttp://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20747925082


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