• Amber questions:

    • What other FPS’s have you played?

    • Favorite character for story?

    • Favorite character to play?

    • Have you played Overwatch on VR? What have you played on VR? What do you think about how VR is evolving?

  • Do you listen to music while you play?

HERO DATABASE - Mother Russia: Zarya

  • A couple weeks ago we talked about the omnic crisis and a little on Russia’s involvement. Let’s dig in!

  • Russia had very minimal involvement in Overwatch and thus combatted the omnics their own way: the Svyatogor. Pacific Rim anyone?

  • They succeeded the first time but Siberia was devastated as a result.

  • Now for a second time, the omnics are back and Russia is increasing Svyatogor production at...what facility everyone?

  • Katya Volskaya is the current CEO of Volskaya Industries.

  • Zarya was one of the world’s strongest women who gave up her own glory to stand up for her country and family.

  • Born in a village that was on the front lines during the battle and grew up around the results of that war. She vowed to become strong.

  • Second omnic crisis drove her back home and to use her strength to defend her homeland.