• Hi and stuff


  • PTR:
    • Emote wheel. JB’s been waiting for so long!! Just have to figure out how to map everything to my keyboard.
    • Lucio backwards skating <find video>
      • "Always wall skate” like “always wall climb” should be a thing.
    • Blood? Didn’t see it in the patch notes
    • More Roadhog changes
  • Changing characters during the game - does it say anything if we’re switching a lot?
  • Can the enemy team hear voice lines?
  • Symmetra’s awesome. Dave’s crotch corner placement.
  • Valentine’s voice lines on PTR: 
  • Kaplan said no Valentine’s event:
  • Mercy/Genji romance? Not convinced that’s what is intended.



  • Cool Community Stuff:
    • Uberfan SSRJazz Mercy staff 3D printing timelapse.

    • Faebelina’s fairy skins for Widowmaker and others on DeviantArt! And find her on Twitter!

    • Player pipes disco funk music via voice chat while playing Lucio