• Contest winner: JAZZ!! (ssrjazz on Twitter)
  • Other Show Announcements:
    • Moving to podcast-only format (no streaming the show for now)
    • New intro and outtro!
  • Congrats to Jeff Kaplan on his 15th anniversary at Blizzard. Dinoflask Celebration Remix:
pls read description: this is not the usual type of jeff video. this is a video, produced for the overwatch team, commemorating Jeff's 15 year anniversary at blizzard. they flew me out to blizzard hq to be there to join the celebration, which was a lot of fun!
  • Doomfist sucks and Blizzard admits it.
  • Match-up more balanced in latest patch.
  • Happy Birthday to Jonny Cruz (VO for Lucio).
  • League team skins available for purchase in early 2018.

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