The Meat

  • Kaplan Kandy:
    • “24 is not who you think it is” - Jeff Kaplan
      • Not Doomfist
    • Some sort of guild/clan system is something Kaplan said the team is very interested in.
      “The reason we don’t talk about new hero development more is we took the community feedback regarding the Sombra ARG to heart.”
  • New Hero teased: 
  • Has Dave played Lucio in HotS?
  • Brandon’s Brazilian speech video translated.
  • Lucio nexus remix 
  • Overwatch TV
    • Might satisfy our desire for more animated shorts?
    • Would have to be better than the comics.

Cool Community Contributions

  • Lishadra's Valentine's card:
  • Scooby Doo + Overwatch:
I would have gotten away with it too.

I would have gotten away with it too.

  • Overwatch Metal Album by 331Erock
  • Overwatch on Jeopardy