Big Week!

Little Meat

  • Bastion changes we discussed last show now in PTR
  • Mercy invulnerable during rez.
  • A lot of targeting sensitivity changes for hero abilities. What’s this mean, Brandon???
  • JB is VERY interested to see what this does to Zenyatta
  • Roadhog not fixed. We encountered this in live during a match. Good to know we weren’t insane thinking this was fixed: “Fixed a bug that allowed Roadhog to turn freely while pulling a hooked target”
  • Hints at Doomfist: the shattered case.
  • Dave’s coming back to Heroes: Lucio skins and abilities revealed for HotS.  

Big Meat

  • Server Browser
  • Custom Games:
    • Be able to get XP from custom games!
    • Tons more options to customize your game. Turn powers on or off, change cooldown speeds (Widowmaker with no grapple cooldown), set things on a per team basis. TONS of creativity can be used (Jeff’s example of a “boss fight”).
  • CTF as a regular Arcade mode!
    • Surprised at what I’ve heard about how much people loved it! JB certainly didn’t hear that!
    • 9 new maps!!
    • All kinds of things you can do with CTF. No hero abilities, no flag pickup time, flag dropped upon mobility ability activation.
  • Blizz is going to pay attention to what the public servers are going to be doing.