• Dave travelling
  • Happy Birthday, JB!

The Meat

  • Omnic Uprising Event:
    • Skins, everyone gets voices, some great new highlight intros
    • Nothing is necessarily seasonal, even the voice lines.
    • Two versions of the arcade: regular and any hero. Any hero is AWESOME. Great story.
    • The new gameplay is great, and we love them for doing it, but it REALLY whets our appetite for more!
  • Gamespot interview with Jeff Kaplan:
    • The comic - he’s absolutely right. This comic is the best one, as far as JB’s concerned
    • Hinted at this current event and said that PVE is an “interesting idea”, but would be a lot of work.
    • Q: “Do you have any plans to make Loot Boxes great again?” A: "Yes. We have some amazing Loot Box content coming up. I'll just leave it at that."
    • New Zarya skin incoming that is quote “amazing” endquote.
  • Waypoint Interview with Kaplan: “I would say that we're at about a 70% of where we want Play of the Game to be. It catches a lot of cool stuff, but it's nowhere near as awesome as I think it will be some day.”


  • Cool community stuff:
Betrayer Reaper by Alexandre Coadou

Betrayer Reaper by Alexandre Coadou