• 30 episodes! Can you believe it?

  • Special guest: my son, Captain Energon. Aka - Ky


  • Uprising infographic highlights:

    • Only 67m wins for Overwatch compared to the Omnics’ 78m wins

    • 8.5 BILLION Null Sector omnics destroyed

    • On Extreme the win rate was less than 1% and in all-heroes it was exactly 1%

    • Top picked heroes for all heroes - have a guess

    • “Most Crafted Skins” - don’t they mean purchased?? Could this be a slip about bringing the skins more in line with HotS?? Hmmmmmmmm?

  • The week’s Heroes brawl is over, but it was super fun - basically like Overwatch within HotS. One team escorts, the other team defends. It was a blast.

  • D.Va spotlight video out and on the PTR. Releases on the 15th. If anything gets Dave excited for HotS, I think it would be this.

  • Sombra sit emote coming in next major content patch:

  • Symmetra getting a Legendary skin soon:

  • Anniversary Event? What do you think? What would you like to see?