The Meat

  • Update to Blizzard launcher - cool little icons and collapsible sidebar.
  • Doomfist releases on 7/27 - that’s a Thursday! Weird.
    • Complaints about him just saying his move: the guys said that this is their homage to the fighting genre. They always do this.
  • New comic about Doomfist - if you haven’t read it via Madefire, you’re missing out. 
    • The question of whether or not Reaper got anything from the database in the Winston animated short has been answered: YES
    • Someone named Maximilien who is apparently tough to talk to because Reaper asks him if he needs a loan. Turns out he’s an omnic who is part of Talon. What is the symbol on his coat?
    • French translations:
      • “Do you want to roll the dice, madam?”
      • Thank you.
      • The stakes are set, the die is cast. (Idiomatically, means “things have reached an irreversible point. You can’t go back.”
      • The pleasure is mine.
      • My compliments.
      • Seven! (A lucky number in craps)
      • Place your bets
      • Next player.
      • No!
    • Someone named Vialli
      • We assume it’s the guy Doomfist meets on the roof.
      • He’s been running Talon.
      • Seems to want to eliminate the combined leadership
    • How quickly will the Masquerade costumes become skins?
  • Summer Games - will they happen again?
  • Confirmed: Dustin from Stranger Things mains D.Va
  • Lootbox drop rates revealed (These are current, not PTR rates)
  • Follow-up: SR penalties for switching roles.


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